In the dark

She was alone
walking from the dock to the water
and i was standing, arms crossed
lips sealed
brushing leaves and spiderwebs from my hair
i was standing there
with wander and wonder and fate in my head
and although i was living, breathing, i was dead to the earth
i was just another soul searching
pining for rebirth

arent we all?

Oh arent we all?

and when we fall, we fall
all and all down to the fallen sticks and leaves
and tricks and trickery

Her beauty was sickening
as she stopped and stepped and jumped and leaped from the dock
and in shock,
to my amaze
she walked the water


There was a time when you were my muse
and i would use and abuse you
but now i'm locked up tight
and i dont want to lose you

because i let the truth fall out my lips
and i told you all i felt
but my feelings change so much
and so damn often
that when i knelt and belted out my tongue
i sure as hell was wrong you're not the only one

straighten up the picture
there's a girl there in new york city

hands and feet
demands meet
and my heart skips a beat
pink drinks and a taste for adventure

she wasn't the one and i knew it


The mountains called our name
so we went

and the ocean tides all came in
so we wept
and slept in each others arms

the sky was good at saying goodbye
and the seas were well at keeping wet our knees
so please
be my disease

i couldn't breathe
without a cigarette that night
and every time i tried to make it right
i only walked away

i had nothing to say
and she didn't say a thing either
but its what she didn't say she said
and i believe her

we kept our secrets in our chest
and i kept my questions to themselves

but we were nothing


You kept me under your arms
and held me close to your skin

all i wanted was to escape
and let myself free

but you were there
holding me

what was i supposed to be?

who was i supposed to be?

so i walked around my small town
and i found me a friend
i found me somebody
that i could rely
and i found me a new love
that i could keep up all night

but my words changed
so colorless and strange

my speech shifted
and it wasnt what you wished ed


You were there
and i should be sleeping
i should have been sleeping, weeping
and keeping faith

I was a waste
all i wanted was a taste of enlightenment
but you heightened it
and i was frightened by it
i was too afraid to try it
but you kept me up all night

and all i wanted was a kiss


you made me feel tall and that was all that i could see you for
so i broke and i cried and i died enough for two that day
way home, so cold, so gone. As you know now so alone
if the chance was never made and i could have saved you from the pain
who am i? a man with only plans and aspirations
i've got intentions to leave before i remain
i've got your soft skin to climb and kiss

feet step the pavement patio, earth
you dragged me behind. i was left to the wind questioning worth
the first kiss worthless compared to the last one
tears and pinched cheeks i was weak and thinking of the weekend
night pulled the nightcap up. stars and cars and drinks and drug
we were in the middle we were making love

that's when you left for the Midwest
and i was left to my knees dreaming
reeling, revealing the road
it was cold, i didn't care
i just watched your hair, golden soft and blowing in the wind
i've got intentions to leave before i remain
i've got your soft skin to climb and kiss


You've had a bit to drink
and i know you have
because that's not the way you laugh....
your character is nervous
and i can see it in your eyes
you are too

drink in hand
covering demand
and i cant find words like i planned

and laugh away your past
and i'll laugh away mine
if only you can give me time
to search for words
we were little kids
wrapped up in apartment beds
and we didn't know a thing
i didn't hear a word you said

and we were Eskimos
building homes out of snow
and i couldn't bring you home
to my parents home

you were fast asleep
you were rolling in the sheets
and i was out all night
tryna find the words to speak

but that was years ago
and i still have a lot to go
oh so many things to know
about you